Lufthansa Kosher Meal

Like most other Airlines, Lufthansa (LH) will offer many types of special meals, including Kosher meals (Referred to in the industry as KSML). The quality of the Kosher meals are pretty decent, but that is also dependent on the staff working on the plane and how well they will heat it up, when the Kosher meal is handed out, remember to check before opening, if its hot enough, if not, ask the flight attendant kindly to reheat it, but remember that…

Special meals can make the Flight Attendants overwhelmed

Lufthansa requires the staff to hand out the special meals first before the regular meals, which if there are a lot of kosher meals to hand out can be overwhelming for the flight attendants , it is recommended if you can give them the option to serve it later and make it easier for them.

How to order

Kosher meals on Lufthansa can be ordered online through Manage my booking or by phone: 1800-645-3880 It is recommended to double check to make sure that the kosher Meal selection shows up online.


Kosher meals on Lufthansa must be ordered at least 48 hours before the flight, if you order them less than 48 hours before the flight (but at least 24 hours before) you will usually still get a kosher meal but it will be the lower quality Stogel-catering Long Shelf Life meals


Lufthansa needs your feedback, if you enjoyed your meal let them know so it can continue, if you didn’t enjoy it and feel it can be improved please do let them know so that service can be better for you and your fellow Jewish travelers.

Catering Details as reported by passengers

From JFK/Newark

Updated: May 13 2024 / Hechsher: Volova / Caterer: Regal / Class: Business

Fish Starter
Main course
Look on the Hechsher
Sometimes they are giving Chicken
And sometimes Beef


Updated: May 13 2024

There is no Kosher options available

From Frankfurt/Munich


Updated: May 13 2024 / Hechsher: Badatz Amsterdam / Caterer: Local


Updated: May 13 2024 / Hechsher: Bdatz Amsterdam / Caterer: Local

Pictures not available…


Updated: May 13 2024

Business Lounge: There is no Kosher options available

First class Terminal/Lounge: Stogel-catering Life Shelf is there in the lounge, But if you want a normal meal you can order it on the phone, but note that it doesn’t always arrive…

Stogel Meal

If you have an update about one of the kosher meals or clear pictures please email to:

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