Left without a kosher meal? Not a problem at all…

I was flying home on a Swiss Air A330 from Zurich. I was excited to try the Swiss business class, although it is outdated. (next year it will be equipped with the new Swiss Senses Business Class)

The outdated Swiss A330 Business Class

A half-hour into the flight, a kind flight attendant came over to me and said, “I apologize, but there is no kosher meal on the aircraft for you.” it really hit me hard, I can’t describe what I felt.  the day before I was on a road trip and didn’t eat properly, I was starving. I will never forget the hunger pangs I felt on this 9-hour flight I couldn’t even enjoy the business class because of the hunger. When I finally landed I made a decision I will find a way that we Yidden will travel worry-free and always have hot food with us, I was wracking my brain for a solution and then… I made a discovery. I found a game changer in the world of Yiddish travel I discovered the

Hot Logic

Hot Logic Mini

What is the Hot Logic?

The Hot Logic is a tiny oven, like a mini hot plate. It comes in a lunch box that can be zipped up. Its compact size allows it to easily fit into a carry-on, occupying minimal space as it’s very sleek. It functions at 45 Watts, a level that poses no issues with the TSA regulations and it may be used on board. Simply place your cold meal inside, plug it into a socket, and within an hour, your warm fresh kosher meal is ready to eat!

My Hot Logic in Lufthansa First Class


The Hot Logic works well with plastic containers and never burns or dries food as the inner temperature reaches only up to 165 F. It comes in two sizes, the Mini and the Max. A small pan or restaurant meal will fit into the Mini, and this is what I’m using currently. The Max is much bigger, and a 9 x 13 pan fits easily. The Mini can be used in the plane’s AC socket, as the plane’s AC provides only around 65 W, while the Max consumes a hundred watts. And the best part, is it requires no monitoring; set it and forget it.

The Hot Logic Max
Do you think you can benefit from the Hot Logic?

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  1. Congrats on your new website! As someone Who loves to travel, the information is very helpful and informative. Also, it’s written in a very clear manner. Thanks so much and keep it coming!


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