How to use the Hot Logic Abroad (Converters, Adapters, What does it mean?)

In the previous post, I discussed with you that the hot logic oven is a game changer in The world of Yiddish travel. However, there is one crucial piece of information I would like to share with you. 

Crucial Point

The plugs overseas not only look different but also have varying voltage levels. Using electronics that do not automatically switch between voltage types – without a Converter – can potentially damage your device. Let me explain

Understanding Voltage Differences

Different countries have varying voltage standards for their electrical systems. For example, the United States typically uses 110-120 volts, while many European countries use 220-240 volts. As mentioned earlier using a device designed for one specific voltage level in a country with different standards can damage the device or even pose a safety risk.

Regular Adapter

Converter Or Adapter

Some newer devices can operate on both United States and European voltages, automatically switching between them when detected. If you have such a device, you only need an Adapter to match the different plug sockets used in the United States and Europe. However, many devices, like the Hot Logic Oven, do not automatically adjust to higher voltages. For these devices, a voltage converter is needed to lower the voltage from the electrical outlet.

Powerful Adapter

Importance of Voltage Converters

AC Converters, also known as voltage converters or transformers, are essential for adapting the voltage of your electronic devices to match the local standards of the country you are visiting. By using an AC Converter, you can safely plug in and power your devices without risking damage or malfunction.

Voltage Converters

Choosing the Right Converter

When selecting an AC Converter, it’s crucial to consider your devices’ wattage and voltage requirements. Make sure to choose a converter that can handle the power needs of your electronics to avoid overloading the converter or damaging your devices.

Lufthansa First Class lounge bedroom

My Converter experience

On my most recent trip to Venice, I was heading home to NY with a stopover in Munich.  After a refreshing nap in the spacious Lufthansa First Class lounge bedroom, I was ready for my meal. The day before I purchased a delicious meal in Gam Gam (the Kosher restaurant in Venice), and I used my hot logic to warm it up, Suddenly I smelled something awful coming out from my oven, and the whole Hot logic got overheated, l realized I didn’t have my Converter with me…

Luckily, Gam Gam had my food double-wrapped, so I could ask the friendly staff to warm it up.

Gam Gam Restaurant
Have you ever experienced a voltage-related issue with your electronic devices while traveling abroad?
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  1. This is interesting! I have always used an adapter on my trips to Europe with no issues, I never knew there are appliances that require a converter!
    Thank you Chaim Schwartz for the helpful tip!

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